Michael Maestlin's Mystery: Theory Building with Diagrams

  title={Michael Maestlin's Mystery: Theory Building with Diagrams},
  author={Gerd Grasshoff},
  journal={Journal for the History of Astronomy},
  pages={57 - 73}
  • Gerd Grasshoff
  • Published 2012
  • Mathematics
  • Journal for the History of Astronomy
BEGINNINGS, QUESTIONS AND APPENDICESIn his 1973 article, Anthony Grafton described the intensive collaborative work undertaken between Johannes Kepler and his former university professor, Michael Maestlin, during the writing of Kepler's Mysterium cosmographicum. Kepler had left the University of Tubingen, Germany, to work as a mathematics teacher in Graz, Austria, where he had immediately begun to conduct his first independent research in astronomy. The book took the form of a collection of… Expand
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Michael Maestlin's Account of Copernican Planetary Theory
THE PUBLICATION of Kepler's Mysterium cosmographicum (1596) was supervised by Kepler's teacher, Michael Maestlin, who added to it an appendix on Copernican planetary theory with parameters extractedExpand
The letters that follow are my translations from
  • 1945
Maestlin prepared the publication of a revised version of the Rheticus tables
  • Zwischen Copernicus und Kepler: M. Michael Maestlinus Mathematicus Goeppingensis