Mice deficient in tumor necrosis factor-alpha are resistant to skin carcinogenesis.

  title={Mice deficient in tumor necrosis factor-alpha are resistant to skin carcinogenesis.},
  author={Robert J. Moore and David M J Owens and Gordon Stamp and Caroline Arnott and Frances Burke and Nick East and Hazel Holdsworth and Lynn Turner and Barrett J. Rollins and Manolis Pasparakis and George Kollias and Frances Balkwill},
  journal={Nature medicine},
  volume={5 7},
Given the associations between chronic inflammation and epithelial cancer, we studied susceptibility to skin carcinogenesis in mice deficient for the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha (refs. 5,6). TNF-alpha(-/-) mice were resistant to development of benign and malignant skin tumors, whether induced by initiation with DMBA and promotion with TPA or by repeated dosing with DMBA. TNF-alpha(-/-) mice developed 5-10% the number of tumors developed by wild-type mice during initiation/promotion and… CONTINUE READING
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