MiCi: A Novel Micro-Level Temporal Channel Imploration for Mobile Hosts


The exponential increase of multimedia services by the mobile users requires seamless connectivity with costeffective Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning. For providing such on-demand QoS, the network needs to utilize the radio channels among the Mobile Hosts (MHs) effectively. We use vector genetic algorithm (VGA) for temporal imploration of sharable channel(s) from the neighbouring cell(s) to fulfill the needs of a cell. We propose a new micro-level temporal channel imploration mechanism (MiCi), which promptly allocates available borrowing channel(s) of the neighbouring cell(s) to the needy cell. The novelty of MiCi is scalability, high availability, and on-demand allocation of the channels to the desired cells. The performance of our model has been tested by simulation against a standard FCA scheme as well as a Greedy Borrowing Heuristic. In all the test cases MiCi shows promising results in comparison to both the schemes.

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