Mhc-DRB genes evolution in lemurs

  title={Mhc-DRB genes evolution in lemurs},
  author={Yasuhiro Go and Yoko Satta and Yoshi Kawamoto and Gilbert Rakotoarisoa and Albert Randrianjafy and Naoki Koyama and Hirohisa Hirai},
Partial exon 2 sequences (202 bp) of the lemur Mhc-DRB genes were sequenced. A total of 137 novel sequences were detected in 66 lemurs, representing four out of the five extant families. Trans-species polymorphisms and even identical sequences were observed not only among genera but also among families. Based on the time-scale of lemur evolution, these findings suggest that some identical sequences have been maintained for more than 40 million years. This is in contrast to the evolutionary mode… CONTINUE READING


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