Mg ‐ spinel lithology : A new rock type on the lunar farside

  title={Mg ‐ spinel lithology : A new rock type on the lunar farside},
  author={Carle M. Pieters and S Besse and Joseph W. Boardman and Bonnie J. Buratti and Leah C. Cheek and Roger N. Clark and J-P. Combe and Deepak Dhingra and Jyotindra Narayan Goswami and Robert O. Green and James W. Head and Peter J. Isaacson and Rachel L. Klima and Georgiana Y. Kramer and Sarah K. Lundeen and Erick R. Malaret and Thomas M. McCord and John F. Mustard and Jeff W. Nettles and N. E. Petro and Cassandra J. Runyon and Matthew Staid and J. M. Sunshine and Lawrence A. Taylor and Kevin G. Thaisen and Stefanie Tompkins and Jennifer L. Whitten},
[1] High‐resolution compositional data from Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M) for the Moscoviense region on the lunar farside reveal three unusual, but distinctive, rock types along the inner basin ring. These are designated “OOS” since they are dominated by high concentrations of orthopyroxene, olivine, and Mg‐rich spinel, respectively. The OOS occur as small areas, each a few kilometers in size, that are widely separated within the highly feldspathic setting of the basin rim. Although the abundance… CONTINUE READING


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