Metronidazole and the Intestinal Microecology of Rats

  title={Metronidazole and the Intestinal Microecology of Rats},
  author={Marika Mikelsaar and U. Kh. Siĭgur},
The jejunal, ileal and colonic microfloras were determined in 14 control rats and in six rats after a 5 d course of metronidazole in high dose. Faecal short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) were determined in 49 controls and in 14 treated rats. Metronidazole caused different changes in the microflora of different sites. In the jejunal lumen and on the mucosa the drug suppressed the numbers of lactobacilli and anaerobic cocci. In the ileal contents the levels of streptococci and lactobacilli increased… CONTINUE READING