Metric Methods for Analyzing Partially Ranked Data

  title={Metric Methods for Analyzing Partially Ranked Data},
  author={D. Critchlow},
I. Introduction and Outline.- II. Metrics on Fully Ranked Data.- A. Permutations: Some Important Conventions.- B. Metrics on Permutations: Discussion and Exampl es.- C. The Requirement of Right-Invariance.- III. Metrics on Partially Ranked Data: The Case where Each Judge Lists His k Favorite Items Out of n.- A. The Coset Space Sn/Sn-k.- B. The Hausdorff Metrics on Sn/Sn-k.- C. The Fixed Vector Metrics on Sn/Sn-k.- IV. Metrics on Other Types of Partially Ranked Data.- A. The Coset Space Sn/S… Expand
Graphical Techniques for Ranked Data
Visualizing and modeling partial incomplete ranking data
  • M. Sun
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2012
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