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Metric-Affine Cosmologies: Kinematics of Perfect (Ideal) Cosmological Hyperfluids and First Integrals

  title={Metric-Affine Cosmologies: Kinematics of Perfect (Ideal) Cosmological Hyperfluids and First Integrals},
  author={Damianos Iosifidis},
We consider a generic Metric-Affine Cosmological setup and classify some particularly interesting specific cases of Perfect Hyperfluids. In particular, we present the form of conservation laws for the cases of pure spin, pure dilation and pure shear fluids. We also develop the concept of an incompressible hyperfluid and pay special attention to the case of a hypermomentum preserving hyperfluid. We also give a specific example on the emergence of the spin, dilation and shear currents through matter… 



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