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Metric, Topological, and Graph Entropies

  title={Metric, Topological, and Graph Entropies},
  author={Angel Garrido},
Our paper analyzes here some new lines to introduce the evolving concept of an important Uncertainty Measure, the so-called Entropy. We need to obtain these new ways to model adequate conditions, departing from vague pieces of information. For this, it will be very necessary to analyze certain type of such measures, with very interesting applications, 
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Mutual relationship between Entropies
This paper analyzes some new lines to advance on an evolving concept, the so-called Entropy, which needs to be model by adequate conditions, departing from vague pieces of information.
Mutual relationship between Entropies
The mutual relationship between the distinct types of entropies, as the Quantum Entropy, also called Von Neumann Entropy; 1AMO Advanced Modeling and Optimization is analyzed.


In this paper we introduce the concept of a Gibbs measure, which generalizes the concept of an equilibrium Gibbs distribution in statistical physics. The new concept is important in the study of
Deterministic Complexity and Entropy
An analytic approximation to the upper bound to linearize the complexity measure enables us to propose an entropy measure, observed elsewhere to correspond closely with the Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy in simple dynamical systems.
A measure of information
  • M. Titchener
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings DCC 2000. Data Compression Conference
  • 2000
This work uses the measure of the complexity of finite strings, in terms of the number of steps required to recursively construct the string from its alphabet, to compute an effective rate of steps-per-symbol required for linearly constructing the string.
Generalized Measure Theory
This chapter discusses the development of Structural Characteristics for Set Functions and Measurable Functions on Monotone Measure Spaces in the context of Generalized Measure Theory.
Entropy of a fuzzy process
Additivity and Monotonicity in Fuzzy Measures
The paper deals with the necessary properties in Fuzzy Measures, with detailed analysis of its fundamental classes, according the fulfillment or not of additivity and monotonic properties.
The Evolution of the Concept of Fuzzy Measure
This chapter presents a state of art on the latest concepts of measure, from the additive measures, to monotone fuzzy measures and the latest monotones in relation to a preorder that gives an ordering for a measurable characteristic.