Metoidioplasty: a variant of phalloplasty in female transsexuals

  title={Metoidioplasty: a variant of phalloplasty in female transsexuals},
  author={Suzana Perovic and Miroslav L Djordjevic},
  journal={BJU International},
To describe metoidioplasty, a technique for creating a neophallus from an enlarged clitoris in female transsexuals, without needing the complex, multi‐staged surgical construction of a large phallus, as this reconstruction is one of the most difficult in female transsexuals. 
Metoidioplasty presents one of the variants of phalloplasty for patients in whom the clitoris is large enough under testosterone treatment and Advanced urethral reconstruction provides low complication rates with satisfying results of standing micturition.
Total Phallic Construction in Female to Male Transsexuals
The history and evolution of the techniques of phallic construction in female to male transsexuals is concentrated on.
Metoidioplasty as a one-stage phallic reconstruction in transmen
Metoidioplasty as a variant of phalloplasty for transmen is a one-stage procedure that results in male-like external genitals, with minimal scarring, ability of standing micturition, and full erogenous sensation with the ability to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.
Metoidioplasty in Gender Affirmation: A Review
The current metoidioplasty technique is a one-stage procedure that includes vaginectomy, straightening and lengthening of the clitoris, urethral reconstruction by combined flaps and grafts, and scrotoplasty with insertion of testicular implants.
Metoidioplasty: techniques and outcomes.
Metoidioplasty presents a simple and one-stage procedure for the creation of a neophallus from a hormonally enlarged clitoris and prevents scarring to the extragenital region, making the final results more acceptable for transgender individuals.
Management of Urologic Complications Following Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty
This chapter provides an overview of the urethral complications associated with transmasculine genital reconstructive surgery, which include urethrocutaneous fistulas, persistent vaginal cavities, and Urethral strictures.
Extensive Metoidioplasty as a Technique Capable of Creating a Compatible Analogue to a Natural Penis in Female Transsexuals
EM in association with the application of PEP could result in a natural-looking, erotically fully sensate and functional penis in majority of female transsexuals undergoing this procedure.


Metaidoioplasty: An Alternative Phalloplasty Technique in Transsexuals
  • J. Hage
  • Medicine
    Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • 1996
At best, metaidoioplasty will provide a small phallus hardly, if at all, capable of sexual penetration, but I consider it to be a method of choice in cases where the clitoris seems large enough to provide aphallus that will satisfy the patient.
Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery of the External Genitalia: Adult and Pediatric
The Postmodern Phalloplasty: Forearm Flap Urethroplasty with Superficial External Pudendal Artery Abdominal Tube Pedicle Flap.
The first step in phalloplasty in female transsexuals.