Methylphenidate-like effects of the new antidepressant drug nomifensine (HOE 984).

  title={Methylphenidate-like effects of the new antidepressant drug nomifensine (HOE 984).},
  author={Claus Braestrup and J\orgen Scheel-Kr{\"u}ger},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={38 2},
Nomifensine (HOE 984) belongs to a chemically new class of drugs with reported antidepressant properties. Nomifensine, like methylphemidate, d-amphetamine and apomorphine, induces strong, intense stereotypes behaviour in the rat. The nomifensine-induced stereotyped behaviour was completely antagonized by pretreatment with reserpine (7.5 mg/kg, 18 h) but not by short-time pretreatment with alpha-methyltyrosine (250 mg/kg, 2 h.) Nomifensine thus differs from d-amphetamine and apomorphine but… CONTINUE READING