Methylcyclohexane conversion over ZSM-11 zeolite

  title={Methylcyclohexane conversion over ZSM-11 zeolite},
  author={Oscar A. Anunziata and Liliana B. Pierella and Raul G. Marino},
  journal={Catalysis Letters},
ZSM-11 zeolite samples differing by their active sites (H+ and Zn2+) have been studied in the conversion of methylcyclohexane. It was observed that both the conversion and the selectivity to aromatic hydrocarbons are increased with the zinc content. It has been shown that dehydrogenation of the hydrocarbon, leading directly to toluene, is the initial stage for Zn-ZSM-11 zeolite showing very low cracking activity. These factors make zeolite ZSM-11 with Zn2+ as counter ion a competitive catalyst… CONTINUE READING