Methylation pattern of the HLA-DR alpha gene in human tissues.

  title={Methylation pattern of the HLA-DR alpha gene in human tissues.},
  author={Rainer Barbieri and Claudio Nastruzzi and Stefano Volinia and Marzio Villa and Roberta Piva and Patrizio Giacomini and Pier Giorgio Natali and Roberto Gambari},
  journal={Journal of immunogenetics},
  volume={17 1-2},
The CCGG and GCGC sites of the human HLA-DR alpha gene are hypermethylated in human tissues (including B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes, muscle, brain, sperm, skin, kidney, suprarenal and mammary glands) and three B-lymphoid cell lines. Therefore, the HLA-DR alpha gene can be transcribed even though extensively methylated. The only exception to the… CONTINUE READING