Methylation-associated silencing of S100A4 expression in human epidermal cancers.

  title={Methylation-associated silencing of S100A4 expression in human epidermal cancers.},
  author={Yan Li and Zhi-li Liu and Kai-Li Zhang and Xiaoyan Chen and Qing-you Kong and Mo-li Wu and Yuan Sun and Jia Liu and Hong Li},
  journal={Experimental dermatology},
  volume={18 10},
S100A4 appears important for cancer metastasis and its overexpression is common in a variety of human malignancies, but its status in epidermal cancers remains lesser known. Likewise, E-cadherin downregulation and Wingless (Wnt) activation are frequent cancer-associated alterations, whereas their potential correlations with S100A4 expression in skin lesions have not been characterized. These issues were addressed in the present study using tissue microarray-based immunohistochemical staining… CONTINUE READING