Methylated lysine 79 of histone H3 targets 53BP1 to DNA double-strand breaks

  title={Methylated lysine 79 of histone H3 targets 53BP1 to DNA double-strand breaks},
  author={Yentram Huyen and Omar Zgheib and Richard A. DiTullio and Vassilis G Gorgoulis and Panayotis Zacharatos and Tom J. Petty and Emily A. Sheston and Hestia S. Mellert and Elena S. Stavridi and Thanos D Halazonetis},
The mechanisms by which eukaryotic cells sense DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) in order to initiate checkpoint responses are poorly understood. 53BP1 is a conserved checkpoint protein with properties of a DNA DSB sensor. Here, we solved the structure of the domain of 53BP1 that recruits it to sites of DSBs. This domain consists of two tandem tudor folds with a deep pocket at their interface formed by residues conserved in the budding yeast Rad9 and fission yeast Rhp9/Crb2 orthologues. In vitro… CONTINUE READING
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a new structural motif involved in DNA and RG-rich peptide binding

  • Charier, G. et al. The tudor tandem of 53BP1
  • Structure 12, 1551–1562
  • 2004

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