Methyl-prednisolone in neurologic complications of Mycoplasma pneumonia.

  title={Methyl-prednisolone in neurologic complications of Mycoplasma pneumonia.},
  author={Kivilcim G{\"u}c{\"u}yener and Fatma Şimşek and Ozlem Yilmaz and Ayşe Serdaroğlu},
  journal={Indian journal of pediatrics},
  volume={67 6},
In patients with Mycoplasma pneumonia extrapulmonary manifestations such as encephalitis, meningitis, cerebellar and brain stem involvement, cranial nerve lesions, peripheral neuropathy, polymyositis have been observed. We report a 16-year-old girl with M. pneumonia infection, acute behavioral changes and coma. Treatment with high dose methyl-prednisolone and clarithromycin led to rapid clinical improvement. 

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