Methotrexate toxicity induced by acute renal failure.

  title={Methotrexate toxicity induced by acute renal failure.},
  author={Christine N. Soon and Andrew Ilchyshyn},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine},
  volume={98 2},
A woman of 46 with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis had been treated for 9 years with 10 mg methotrexate and 5 mg folic acid. She took the methotrexate on Fridays. On a Saturday she was admitted to hospital with right lower lobe pneumonia and proved to be in acute renal failure: urea 23.0 mmol/L, creatinine 377 mmol/L, potassium 7.4 mmol/L. On previous routine testing these had been normal. Alanine aminotransferase was raised at 1861 IU/L (previously 7) but liver function tests were otherwise… CONTINUE READING