Methods of theoretical physics

  title={Methods of theoretical physics},
  author={Philip M. Morse and Herman Feshbach},
Allis and Herlin Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Becker Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics Clark Applied X-rays Collin Field Theory of Guided Waves Evans The Atomic Nucleus Finkelnburg Atomic Physics Ginzton Microwave Measurements Green Nuclear Physics Gurney Introduction to Statistical Mechanics Hall Introduction to Electron Microscopy Hardy and Perrin The Principles of Optics Harnwell Electricity and Electromagnetism Harnwell and Livingood Experimental Atomic Physics Harnwell and… 

The classical and quantum theory of thermal magnetic noise, with applications in spintronics and quantum microscopy

A rigorous classical and quantum analysis of thermal magnetic noise, together with practical engineering examples, shows that the quantum entanglement between a spin state and a thermal reservoir is independent of the detailed structure of thermal reservoirs, and therefore expresses a general thermodynamic principle.

Hamilton–Jacobi formulation and quantum theory of thermal wave propagation in the solid state

A mathematical formalism has been developed for the description of the propagation of thermal waves in solids. The theory is based on the analogy between thermal waves and mechanics as manifested

Optical Models in Molecular Collision Theory

The subject of elastic collisions of two atoms interacting through a radial potential is the best developed one in the field of molecular dynamics. The simplicity of the interaction allows for

Applications Of Classical Electrodynamics And Statistical Mechanics To Problems In Energy Transfer And Fluorescence

Research Advisor Andrew C. Pineda David Ronis December, 1993 orster transfer) between dye .. The problems of electronic dipole-dipole energy transfer (F molecules and fluorescence from dye molecules

The Physics of Structural Phase Transitions

Basic Concepts.- Thermodynamical Principles and the Landau Theory.- Order Variables, Their Correlations and Statistics: the Mean-Field Theory.- Collective Modes of Pseudospins in Displacive Crystals



Fredholm Equations

  • Volterra Equations

Green's Function for the Wave Equation. Green's Function for the Diffusion Equation

  • General Properties

Solution of the Inhomogeneous Equation. General Properties of the Green's Function. The Effect of Boundary Conditions

  • Methods of Images. Series of Images. Other Expansions

Green's Function in Abstract Vector Form 869

    Waves in Three Space Dimensions 1432

      Green's Functions for Steady Waves 803

        Green's Function for Infinite Domain. Finite Boundaries. Eigenfunction Solutions. Maximum Velocity of Heat Transmission

          Solutions of Schroedinger's Equation 1638

            Integral and Variational Techniques 1513

              Green s Function for the Scalar Wave Equation 834