Methods of soil analysis. Part 2. Chemical and microbiological properties.

  title={Methods of soil analysis. Part 2. Chemical and microbiological properties.},
  author={Albert L. Page},
  • A. Page
  • Published 1982
  • Environmental Science

Impact of integrated use of filter mud with NPK fertilizer on wheat productivi-ty and chemical soil properties of desert land

A 2-year field experiment was conducted at Research Farm of Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University, Egypt to study the effect of filter mud rates (0, 3, and 6 ton /feddan, fed = 0.42 ha) and NPK

Sedimentation of the fine-grained dredged slurry in the marine environment

Dredged slurry is used widely around the world for land reclamation as an important way to alleviate the lack of available land. This method involves hydraulically dredging slurry with extremely high


Determining the degree of maturity in organic matter is an aspect of interest in the composting process. The objective of this research was measure the mineralization rate of different mixtures of

Effects Of Spent Engine Oil On Soil Characteristics And Selected Phytochemicals In Amaranthus Hybridus

Spent engine oil is hazardous to the environment. Indiscriminate disposal of spent engine oil drain from engines after servicing has been found to affect the environment. An experiment was carried

Mineral Nutrients, Organic Amendment, and Water Impact Decomposition of Biodegradable Containers Under Controlled Conditions

Laboratory studies were conducted to evaluate effect of soil water content, organic soil amendment, and mineral nutrient application on decomposition of three types of biodegradable containers:

The Influence of Irrigation Water Salinity and Humic Acid on Nutrient Contents of Onion (Allium cepa L.)

Humic acid (HA) efficiently enhances the uptake of nutrients of plants, especially on saline soil. In this study, some nutrient contents of onion in response to salinity and HA application were

Effect of Irradiated Compost and Bio Fertilizer on Vegetative Growth and Fruit Quality of Valencia Orange

Citrus fruits are the biggest area cultivated or production in addition to fruit exportation also it is considered the most popular fruit crop in Egypt. Valencia orange grown in sandy soils, which

Effect of long‐term balanced and imbalanced inorganic fertilizer and FYM application on chemical fraction of DTPA‐extractable micronutrients and yields under rice–wheat cropping system in mollisols

The imbalanced use of chemical fertilizers under intensive cultivation practices over a period of years leads to various soil‐associated problems particularly nutrient availability. Thus, to examine

Effect of N fortified rice mill waste on soil chemical properties and yield of maize in Nigeria rainforest

Organo-mineral nutrient sources are promising soil amendments for sustainable crop production in Nigeria. A field experiment was conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Cross River

A pathway for sustainable development of mixed crop-livestock systems in semi-arid Kenya :an integrated approach to soil nutrient management

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