Methods for monitoring autophagy.

  title={Methods for monitoring autophagy.},
  author={Noboru Mizushima},
  journal={The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology},
  volume={36 12},
  • Noboru Mizushima
  • Published 2004 in
    The international journal of biochemistry & cell…
Autophagy is an intracellular bulk degradation system that is found ubiquitously in eukaryotes. Autophagy is responsible for the degradation of most long-lived proteins and some organelles. Cytoplasmic constituents, including organelles, are sequestered into double-membraned autophagosomes, which subsequently fuse with lysosomes where their contents are degraded. This system has been implicated in various physiological processes including protein and organelle turnover, the starvation response… CONTINUE READING
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