Methods for Sparse Signal Recovery Using Kalman Filtering With Embedded Pseudo-Measurement Norms and Quasi-Norms

  title={Methods for Sparse Signal Recovery Using Kalman Filtering With Embedded Pseudo-Measurement Norms and Quasi-Norms},
  author={Avishy Carmi and P. Gurfil and D. Kanevsky},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing},
  • Avishy Carmi, P. Gurfil, D. Kanevsky
  • Published 2010
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
  • We present two simple methods for recovering sparse signals from a series of noisy observations. The theory of compressed sensing (CS) requires solving a convex constrained minimization problem. We propose solving this optimization problem by two algorithms that rely on a Kalman filter (KF) endowed with a pseudo-measurement (PM) equation. Compared to a recently-introduced KF-CS method, which involves the implementation of an auxiliary CS optimization algorithm (e.g., the Dantzig selector), our… CONTINUE READING
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