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Methods for Marginalization: The Effects of an Anti-Roma Sentiment in Eastern and Central Europe

  title={Methods for Marginalization: The Effects of an Anti-Roma Sentiment in Eastern and Central Europe},
  author={Stef{\'a}n G{\'i}slason},


Europe's Romaphobia: Problematization, Securitization, Nomadization
Reframing the Roma: EU Initiatives and the Politics of Reinterpretation
Since the accession of the A8 post-communist countries to the European Union, various EU institutions have regularly expressed deep concern about the precarious political, social and economic
The dilemma of the European Union’s Roma policy
Roma are one of the most discriminated and marginalized groups in the European Union (EU). The EU has emerged as a potential ally for the transnational Roma community as it possesses normative power
European Policies for Social Inclusion of Roma: Catch 22?
The article analyzes contemporary political discourses with regard to social inclusion of Roma on the basis of comparison with achievements and failures in the previous historical period of the
On sociological studies about the Roma
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The Hungarian Roma Population During the Last Half-Century
Before the 1944 German occupation, the majority of the some 200,000 Roma led a settled life and the various decrees about public order or epidemics aimed at their regulation only affected those who
Backdoor Nationalism
Abstract Contrary to expectations, the EU’s eastward expansion in 2004 did not sound the death knoll of nationalism in the region; rather, it signalled its reinvention and, in some respects,
Towards a Definition of Anti-Gypsyism
On October 25, 2005, in the flat of an ethnic Romanian man in Bucharest, police discovered the body of an 11-year-old Roma girl who had been raped, killed, and cut into hundreds of pieces. A Romanian