Methods To Assess Shear-Thinning Hydrogels for Application As Injectable Biomaterials

  title={Methods To Assess Shear-Thinning Hydrogels for Application
As Injectable Biomaterials},
  author={Minna Chen and Leo L. Wang and Jennifer J. Chung and Young-Hun Kim and Pavan Atluri and Jason A Burdick},
  booktitle={ACS biomaterials science & engineering},
Injectable hydrogels have gained popularity as a vehicle for the delivery of cells, growth factors, and other molecules to localize and improve their retention at the injection site, as well as for the mechanical bulking of tissues. However, there are many factors, such as viscosity, storage and loss moduli, and injection force, to consider when evaluating hydrogels for such applications. There are now numerous tools that can be used to quantitatively assess these factors, including for shear… CONTINUE READING
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  • 2018