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Methodology of Comparative Law

  title={Methodology of Comparative Law},
  author={Edward J. Eberle},
Surfing the Third Wave of Computing - Contracting with eObjects
This research project will examine how legal rules around the formation of contract and the enforceability of onerous contract clauses operate in the face of this socio-technological change. Expand
Benchmarking of the tax situation of Islamic financial instruments
The ever-increasing trend of "Islamic finance" has prompted many European countries to implement very different solutions to meet the needs arising; in particular, the regulatory systems have beenExpand
Analysis of ‘Spirituality’ in the Japanese-Speaking Mediation Context: Its Contributions and Controversies
The present thesis analysed the suitability of the currently applied Japanese translations of the English terms ‘spiritual’ and ‘spirituality’ used by Lois Gold and Mark S. Umbreit in the mediationExpand
Scandinavian Legal Realism and the Challenge of Recognizing Emergency Medical Service as a Legal Norm
Jenna Uusitalo, M.A. in Law; PhD. student, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, P.O. Box 4, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland;; ORCID: 0000-0002-7799-7289. Abstract:Expand
Unresolved Injustice: An Examination of Indigenous Legal Issues in Australia
Indigenous legal issues are to some extent a neglected and misunderstood subject in the Australian political and legal sphere. Where there is unresolved injustice, there is suffering. Similarly,Expand
Is owning a passport a right or a privilege? An analysis of the different meanings behind the notion of a passport in light of the right to freedom of movement
The evolution of legal rules is placed in relation of direct dependency with the mechanism of legal transplant. The transfer of legal rules describes a complex demarche with profound extra-juridicalExpand
Protecting Individuals Against the Negative Impact of Big Data: Potential and Limitations of the Privacy and Data Protection Law Approach
This thesis is about the protection of individuals against the negative impact that big data may have on their private lives. Many positive and promising developments result from big data, but theExpand
The enforceability of time bar clauses in construction contracts : a comparative analysis between the Egyptian civil code and the English and Welsh common law jurisdictions
Construction claims are a fact of life on all projects across the world. In an attempt to safeguard themselves against the risk of claims, employers utilise time bar clauses in construction contractsExpand


Patterns of Order in Comparative Law: Discovering and Decoding Invisible Powers
To know silence perfectly is to know music.1 I. INTRODUCTON: LAW AS TEXT Thus all tongues slowly talk themselves into silence.2 A. Words and Letters In comparative law we can understand only so muchExpand