Methodology for the Calibration of VISSIM in Mixed Traffic


1 Mixed traffic, characterized by diverse vehicles, changing composition, lack of lane discipline, etc. is best modeled 2 by micro simulation. However, the majority of the leading micro simulation packages and their calibration 3 methodologies have been developed considering less complex homogeneous traffic. Hence, a methodology for 4 calibrating a micro simulation model for mixed traffic is proposed. Driver behavior in mixed traffic is observed and 5 adjustments were made to represent in the simulation. Calibration parameters were identified using multi parameter 6 sensitivity analysis, and the optimum values for these parameters were obtained by minimizing the error between the 7 simulated and field delay using a genetic algorithm. Multiple criteria were included in the optimization formulation 8 by constraint insertion. The proposed methodology is illustrated using VISSIM, a widely used micro simulation 9 software. Signalized intersections with different traffic characteristics from Mumbai are taken as case study. 10 1

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