Methodology for extracting thermoelectric module parameters

  title={Methodology for extracting thermoelectric module parameters},
  author={Daniel Mitrani and Jos{\'e} Antonio Tom{\'e} and Jordi Salazar and Antoni Tur{\'o} and Miguel Jesus Garc{\'i}a and Juan Antonio Ch{\'a}vez},
  journal={Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37510)},
  pages={564-568 Vol.1}
The fundamental temperature-dependent parameters of a thermoelectric module (TEM), such as Seebeck coefficient, electrical resistance, thermal conductance, and figure-of-merit are necessary, among other factors, for conception of models for this type of devices. This paper presents a new methodology to experimentally determine these parameters from observable variables obtained from temperature, voltage, and electric current measurements made on a working TE device. Calculated parameters are… CONTINUE READING
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