Methodology for evaluating image-segmentation algorithms

  title={Methodology for evaluating image-segmentation algorithms},
  author={Jayaram K. Udupa and Vicki R. LeBlanc and Hilary Schmidt and Celina Imielinska and Punam K. Saha and George J. Grevera and Ying Zhuge and Leanne M. Currie and Pat Molholt and Yinpeng Jin},
  booktitle={Medical Imaging: Image Processing},
The purpose of this paper is to describe a framework for evaluating image segmentation algorithms. Image segmentation consists of object recognition and delineation. For evaluating segmentation methods, three factors precision (reproducibility), accuracy (agreement with truth), and efficiency (time taken) – need to be considered for both recognition and delineation. To assess precision, we need to choose a figure of merit (FOM), repeat segmentation considering all sources of variation, and… CONTINUE READING


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