Methodology and Results of "Iranian CNG Stations Positioning Master Plan"


According to the increasing fuel consumption in transportation section and due to environmental considerations, "cars' gaslight changing plan" is very significant. So, "Iran's CNG Stations Locationing Masterplan" was defined to improve the planning for requirements of CNG stations. The plan includes results for short term (up to 2011), mid term (up to 2016) and long term (up to 2025).The study has been conducted in three phases. While the first phase includes studies about number and capacity of required CNG stations in Iranian cities and roads, the second one introduces the locations of proposed stations in the cities with population more than 200,000 and roads, and finally, a software has been developed to calculate the number of stations and their capacities and then define their best locations in the last phase.The paper represents the methodology and the results of abovementioned masperplan.

DOI: 10.1109/UKSIM.2009.108

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