Methodological reflections on researching lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender university students in Hong Kong: to what extent are they vulnerable interview subjects?

  title={Methodological reflections on researching lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender university students in Hong Kong: to what extent are they vulnerable interview subjects?},
  author={Yiu-tung Suen},
  journal={Higher Education Research \& Development},
  pages={722 - 734}
  • Yiu-tung Suen
  • Published 4 July 2015
  • Sociology
  • Higher Education Research & Development
Increasingly, the importance of reflexivity has been acknowledged in higher education research. In this paper, I reflect on my experience of researching lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) university students in Hong Kong. The focus is not on the findings that emerge from the in-depth interviews conducted per se, but on the methodological reflections of the research process itself. Particularly, I focus on the notion of ‘vulnerability’ in the qualitative research literature which… 

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  • Medicine
    American journal of public health
  • 2002
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