Methodik und Beweiswert körperlicher Sofort-Untersuchungen lebender Personen nach Straftaten

  title={Methodik und Beweiswert k{\"o}rperlicher Sofort-Untersuchungen lebender Personen nach Straftaten},
  author={Werner Naeve and Eckhard Lohmann},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Rechtsmedizin},
The indications and conclusions of physical examinations performed immediately after the event on 503 living persons (victims and accused) by the Hamburg Institute of Forensic Medicine, within the context of criminal investigations, are reported. The examinations dealt with the following criminal offenses: attempted homicide, homicide (the accused), sexual offenses, and child abuse. The validity of forensic testimony with such immediate examinations is demonstrated for different kinds of crimes… CONTINUE READING