• Mathematics
  • Published 2011

Method to diagnose quality of surface structure of metal-roll

  title={Method to diagnose quality of surface structure of metal-roll},
  author={Алексей Борисович Юрьев and Константин Владимирович Волков and Людмила Ивановна Криволапова and Ольга Александровна Кравцова and Николай Александрович Кравцов and Екатерина Викторовна Алешина},
FIELD: test equipment. SUBSTANCE: method includes production of images of scanned surface and their transfer into time rows of data. Structural analysis of the produced time row of data is carried out to determine location and coordinates of defect contours, using the specified value of the sliding interval moved along the produced time row of data. At the same time multiple n even breakdown is carried out into equal subintervals, and the sum of differences is identified between maximum and… CONTINUE READING