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Method of producing low-lactose buttermilk with hydrolyzed protein

  title={Method of producing low-lactose buttermilk with hydrolyzed protein},
  author={О. Б. Охрименко and Е.В. Хайдукова},
FIELD: dairy industry, particularly, production of milk hydrolyzates with hydrolyzed lactose and protein. SUBSTANCE: method involves introduction of chymotrypsin proteinases in aqueous solution of milk proteins, then hydrolysis is conducted, and enzyme is inactivated. Used as protein raw material is low-lactose buttermilk with degree of lactose hydrolysis not more 70%. Chymotrypsin is introduced in amount of 0.1-0.3%, and hydrolysis is conducted at temperature of 37 ± 1 C for 1-3 h up to… CONTINUE READING

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