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Method of manufacturing ethylene

  title={Method of manufacturing ethylene},
  author={サブリ アブデルグハニ,モハメド and アル−アルワン,アクラム and アル−ワハビ,サエエド and マメドヴ,アッガディン and リン,ユンギィ},
The present invention, a) by the thermal decomposition method or partial oxidation, the introduced feedstock containing methane and a first step converted to acetylene containing effluent, b) the acetylene-containing effluents sufficiently ethane feedstock by mixing, and a second step of ethylene with in-situ hydrogenation by non-catalytic reaction producing acetylene in the first step, a method for producing ethylene. The method of the invention is to simplify the entire process design, it is… CONTINUE READING

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