Method of growing myocardial cells

  title={Method of growing myocardial cells},
  author={시게타카 기타지마 and 게이이치 나카야마 and 히로미쓰 다카기 and 미미 아다치},
The growth of myocardial cells is induced by expressing cycline and CDK in the myocardial cells and regulating the function or action of a Cip/Kip protein, or by inhibiting the production of a Cip/Kip protein. Among the Cip/Kip family proteins, it is preferable to regulate the function of p27Kip1 or inhibiting the production thereof. As a recombinant vector to be used therefor, it is intended to provide a vector having: (1) a cyclin gene; (2) a cyclin-dependent kinase gene and (3) one or more… CONTINUE READING

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