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Method of cutting material using a wire and wire

  title={Method of cutting material using a wire and wire},
  author={ダニエル・ジェイムズ・ブラナガン and ブライアン・イー・メーチャム and ジェーソン・ケー・ウォールサー and ジコウ・ツォウ and アラ・ヴイ・セルゲエヴァ and デヴィッド・パラトア},
Methods of cleaving material in wire and the wire for cutting material. Wire, at least 35 at% iron, and nickel and / or cobalt in the range of 50at% from approximately 7, present in the range from approximately 1 to 35 at%, boron, carbon, silicon, phosphorus and / or nitrogen and at least one non-metal or metalloid is selected from the group consisting, present in the range from about 0 to 25 at%, copper, titanium, one metal selected molybdenum, from the group consisting of aluminum, and / or… CONTINUE READING

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