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Method for recovering precious-metal ions from plating wastewater

  title={Method for recovering precious-metal ions from plating wastewater},
  author={阿部真司 and 鹫尾孝行 and 佐藤哲也 and 佐佐木晴子 and 田所良太郎},
  • 阿部真司, 鹫尾孝行, +2 authors 田所良太郎
  • Published 2011
  • Materials Science
  • To provide a method that can: efficiently recover precious-metal ions from precious-metal-ion-containing plating wastewater discharged from a plating recovery tank and a plating cleaning tank; and minimize performance problems in objects being plated. The present invention is a method for recovering precious-metal ions from plating wastewater. Said method keeps the concentration of precious-metal ions in a solution in a plating recovery tank high, within a certain range, by setting the… CONTINUE READING

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