Method for producing a pseudo-crystalline boehmite

  title={Method for producing a pseudo-crystalline boehmite},
  author={パウル オッコナー and ウィリアム ジョーンズ and デニス スタミレス and グレゴリー ピアーソン},
(57) The invention provides an improved method for producing a quasi-crystalline boehmite. A method of producing a A pseudo-crystalline boehmite, at a pH below the quasi-crystalline boehmite precursor 7, preferably under hydrothermal conditions, a method of where it is aged. The method for producing a pseudo-crystalline boehmite described in the prior art, instead of the previously used high pH and hydrothermal conditions, at a pH below 7, and if preferably carried out under hydrothermal… CONTINUE READING

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