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Method for manufacturing polyvinyl alcohol-based film

  title={Method for manufacturing polyvinyl alcohol-based film},
  author={A. Chigami and Seiichirou Hayakawa and H. Ono and 昭彦 千神 and 秀樹 大野 and 早川 誠一郎},
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing a polyvinyl alcohol-based film having low birefringence, and to provide a polarizing film showing excellent in-plane uniformity of a degree of polarization. SOLUTION: The method for manufacturing the polyvinyl alcohol-based film having a film width of ≥3 m and a film thickness of 30 to 70 μm contains the process of making a film by a casting method, and a process of heat-treating the film with 12 to 25 heat rolls each having a surface… Expand