Method for calculating optical coating stabilities.


The reflectivity R of a multilayer stack and its first and second derivatives with respect to the phase change are derived here by a recursive method. These equations improve the determination of stability conditions for coatings and widen the applications to treatments other than antireflection coatings, as reported by Mouchart [Appl. Opt. 16, 2486 (1977)]. Some calculations are performed on grazing incidence antireflection coatings, all-dielectric mirrors, and bandpass filters with non-quarter-wave layers.

DOI: 10.1364/AO.32.005677

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@article{Regalado1993MethodFC, title={Method for calculating optical coating stabilities.}, author={Ledis Regalado and Ra{\'u}l Garc{\'i}a-Llamas}, journal={Applied optics}, year={1993}, volume={32 28}, pages={5677-82} }