Methanolysis of polycarbonate catalysed by ionic liquid [Bmim][Ac].

  title={Methanolysis of polycarbonate catalysed by ionic liquid [Bmim][Ac].},
  author={Fusheng Liu and Lei Thor Li and Shitao Yu and Zhiguo Lv and Xiaoping Ge},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={189 1-2},
The methanolysis of polycarbonate (PC) was studied using ionic liquid [Bmim][Ac] as a catalyst. The effects of temperature, time, methanol dosage and [Bmim][Ac] dosage on the methanolysis reaction were examined. It was shown that the conversion of PC was nearly 100%, and the yield of bisphenol A (BPA) was over 95% under the following conditions: m([Bmim][Ac]):m(PC) = 0.75:1;m(methanol):m(PC) = 0.75:1; a reaction temperature of 90 °C and a total time of 2.5h. The ionic liquid could be reused up… CONTINUE READING

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