Methanol and formate kinetics in late diagnosed methanol intoxication.

  title={Methanol and formate kinetics in late diagnosed methanol intoxication.},
  author={D N Jacobsen and R. Y. Webb and T D Collins and Kenneth E. McMartin},
  journal={Medical toxicology and adverse drug experience},
  volume={3 5},
In a 21-year-old subject, methanol intoxication was undiagnosed for 12 hours after admission. Only bicarbonate treatment was given during this period, although treatment later included ethanol and haemodialysis. The maximal blood methanol and formate levels were 143 (44.7) and 54.3 mg/dl (11.8 mmol/L), respectively. The delayed diagnosis uniquely allowed for an estimate of methanol elimination kinetics. Before specific treatment, methanol elimination was of zero-order, with a rate of 8.5 mg/dl… CONTINUE READING