Methanogenic archaea and sulfate reducing bacteria co-cultured on acetate: teamwork or coexistence?

  title={Methanogenic archaea and sulfate reducing bacteria co-cultured on acetate: teamwork or coexistence?},
  author={Derya Ozuolmez and Hyunsoo Na and M. Lever and K. Kjeldsen and B. J{\o}rgensen and C. Plugge},
  journal={Frontiers in Microbiology},
  • Derya Ozuolmez, Hyunsoo Na, +3 authors C. Plugge
  • Published 2015
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Frontiers in Microbiology
  • Acetate is a major product of fermentation processes and an important substrate for sulfate reducing bacteria and methanogenic archaea. Most studies on acetate catabolism by sulfate reducers and methanogens have used pure cultures. Less is known about acetate conversion by mixed pure cultures and the interactions between both groups. We tested interspecies hydrogen transfer and coexistence between marine methanogens and sulfate reducers using mixed pure cultures of two types of microorganisms… CONTINUE READING
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