Methanobactin, a copper-acquisition compound from methane-oxidizing bacteria.

  title={Methanobactin, a copper-acquisition compound from methane-oxidizing bacteria.},
  author={Hyung Joo Kim and David W. Graham and Alan A DiSpirito and Michail A. Alterman and Nadezhda A. Galeva and Cynthia K Larive and Dan Asunskis and Peter M. A. Sherwood},
  volume={305 5690},
Siderophores are extracellular iron-binding compounds that mediate iron transport into many cells. We present evidence of analogous molecules for copper transport from methane-oxidizing bacteria, represented here by a small fluorescent chromopeptide (C45N12O14H62Cu, 1216 daltons) produced by Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b. The crystal structure of this compound, methanobactin, was resolved to 1.15 angstroms. It is composed of a tetrapeptide, a tripeptide, and several unusual moieties… CONTINUE READING