Methane excretion in the growing pig.

  title={Methane excretion in the growing pig.},
  author={Kaare Christensen and Grete Thorbek},
  journal={The British journal of nutrition},
  volume={57 3},
Total methane excretion (CH4 in breath + flatus) was measured in two experiments with thirty-six castrated male pigs (Danish Landrace) during the growth period from 20 to 120 kg live weight (LW). In Expt A, twenty-eight pigs were fed on a commercial diet alternately at high (HFL; metabolizable energy (ME) 1234 (SE 41) kJ/kg LW 0.75) or low (LFL; ME 784 (SE 31) kJ/kg LW 0.75) feed levels in different weight classes. In Expt B, eight pigs were constantly fed on a semi-purified diet at HFL without… CONTINUE READING