Methane–air explosion characteristics with different obstacle configurations

  title={Methane–air explosion characteristics with different obstacle configurations},
  author={Xiaoping Wen and Minggao Yu and Wentao Ji and Meng Yue and Junjie Chen},
  • Xiaoping Wen, Minggao Yu, +2 authors Junjie Chen
  • Published 2015
  • Engineering
  • Abstract To investigate the flame and overpressure characteristics of methane–air explosion with different obstacle configurations, an experimental study has been conducted, taking account of the number of obstacles, obstacle distance from ignition source, and stream-wise and cross-wise obstacle positions. The results show that the flame speed and peak overpressure increase with the increasing number of obstacles, while the time to reach the peak is not fully determined by it. And the… CONTINUE READING

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