Metformin therapy in a transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease.

  title={Metformin therapy in a transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease.},
  author={Thong C Ma and Jessica L. Buescher and Benjamin Oatis and Jason A. Funk and Andrew J Nash and Raeann L Carrier and Kari R. Hoyt},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={411 2},
Huntington's disease (HD) is a hereditary neurodegenerative disease that leads to striatal degeneration and a severe movement disorder. We used a transgenic mouse model of HD (the R6/2 line with approximately 150 glutamine repeats) to test a new therapy for this disease. We treated HD mice with metformin, a widely used anti-diabetes drug, in the drinking water (0, 2 or 5mg/ml) starting at 5 weeks of age. Metformin treatment significantly prolonged the survival time of male HD mice at the 2mg/ml… CONTINUE READING


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