Meteoric smoke fallout over the Holocene epoch revealed by iridium and platinum in Greenland ice

  title={Meteoric smoke fallout over the Holocene epoch revealed by iridium and platinum in Greenland ice},
  author={Paolo Gabrielli and C. Barbante and John M C Plane and Anita Varga and Sungmin Hong and Giulio Cozzi and V. Gaspari and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric A. M. Planchon and Warren R L Cairns and Christophe P. Ferrari and Paul J. Crutzen and P. Cescon and Claude F. Boutron},
An iridium anomaly at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary layer has been attributed to an extraterrestrial body that struck the Earth some 65 million years ago. It has been suggested that, during this event, the carrier of iridium was probably a micrometre-sized silicate-enclosed aggregate or the nanophase material of the vaporized impactor. But the fate of platinum-group elements (such as iridium) that regularly enter the atmosphere via ablating meteoroids remains largely unknown. Here we report… CONTINUE READING
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