Metatranscriptomic analyses of honey bee colonies

  title={Metatranscriptomic analyses of honey bee colonies},
  author={Cansu {\"O}. Tozkar and Meral Kence and Aykut Kence and Qiang Huang and Jay D. Evans},
  booktitle={Front. Genet.},
Honey bees face numerous biotic threats from viruses to bacteria, fungi, protists, and mites. Here we describe a thorough analysis of microbes harbored by worker honey bees collected from field colonies in geographically distinct regions of Turkey. Turkey is one of the World's most important centers of apiculture, harboring five subspecies of Apis mellifera L., approximately 20% of the honey bee subspecies in the world. We use deep ILLUMINA-based RNA sequencing to capture RNA species for the… CONTINUE READING
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