Metastatic meningeal hemangiopericytoma of thoracic spine.

  title={Metastatic meningeal hemangiopericytoma of thoracic spine.},
  author={Makoto Nonaka and Eiji Kohmura and Megumi Hirata and Takanori Hayakawa},
  journal={Clinical neurology and neurosurgery},
  volume={100 3},
We report a case of metastatic meningeal hemangiopericytoma in thoracic spine. A 49-year-old female having a history of tentorial hemangiopericytoma first found 116 months before was admitted to our hospital with acute onset of paraplegia. Magnetic resonance image revealed a tumor invading the left lamina and pedicle of the 8th thoracic vertebra, and compressing the dural sac severely. After subtotal removal of the tumor, the patient showed rapid neurological improvement. The histological… CONTINUE READING


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