Metastases to breast from primary lung cancer.

  title={Metastases to breast from primary lung cancer.},
  author={Kesavan Suresh Babu and F. D. K. Roberts and Fiona Bryden and Alasdair McCafferty and Penny Downer and Douglas T Hansell and Richard Hayden Jones and Robert Milroy},
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Metastatic disease to the breast from extra mammary sites is uncommon and has an incidence of 0.5 to 3%. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis as this has an impact on the therapeutic planning and management. Clinically, it can be difficult to differentiate between primary breast cancer and a metastatic disease. An incorrect diagnosis can lead to unnecessary surgical interventions. Immunohistochemistry has a significant role in identifying the primary origin of tumor and has to be… CONTINUE READING